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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Big Planet Pinball™ V3.6 [1P only]

Big Planet Pinball™ V3.6 [1P only]

By ThirdAxis01 ThirdAxis01

Welcome to BIG PLANET PINBALL! Stack your quarters up and get ready to smack some flippers! Play through the story modes as you dodge, aim and shoot your way past different goals, big points and special events and finally defeat the NEGATIVATRON!!! Extra ball at 100,000 points. Single player only. R1-L1-- Flippers, R2-L2--Nudge, X--Shoot ball, TRIANGLE--Camera view. Special thanks to--LINKS_R_US, and everyone else for the great idea's and help! Hit--Square button for Table Rules. Don't forget to nudge!
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  • First published 7/22/12
  • Last published 7/6/14
  • Completed 21,936 times
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Good grief!
  • links_r_us links_r_us

    Possibly the best pinball level ever to be seen in LBP! Everything is going good for this level: The amazing LBP styled visuals, the gameplay, and excellent mechanics! A like and a heart is not enough to show how much I love this level! Soooo good man! Just amazing.

    7/22/12 8:00 PM

    Good grief!
  • HeySK HeySK

    When I was a sophmore in college, the Indiana Jone pinball machine at the campus center broke down and gave out free games. I played that machine for hours until someone eventually came to fix it. That was my fondest pinball memory... until today. A+ !!!

    8/2/12 1:30 AM

    Good grief!
  • creator68hell creator68hell

    This is hands down,the best pinball table on Lbp.A must play for any fans of the genre.And even if you are not a fan,you have got to love the attention to detail.You should make a living doing this.

    8/19/12 6:40 PM

    Good grief!