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Bridge Battle (2 Players)

A very cool and fresh two-player versus game, with spectator support. Each player controls a DigiTank that moves either left or right using the sixaxis tilt on your remote. Your goal is to make your opponent fall to their deaths by knocking the bridge out from under them. If your opponent destroys a segment of your bridge, you can get near the missing segment until a red indicator shows and hold square to rebuild. Shoot with R1 and reload with L1. You can also hover over missing segments with X. Good luck!

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Top Reviews

  • Acespyro Acespyro

    This Level Is One Of The Best I've Seen On Littlebigplanet Recently , This Deserves An MM Pick , And Every Player SHOULD Give a Yay!

    Good grief!

    7/24/12 10:06 AM

  • waffle31620 waffle31620

    amazing, original, fun, just an awesome level. & Mm pick this

    Good grief!

    7/23/12 11:39 PM

  • joshjohn23 joshjohn23

    Wow this was great this NEEDS to be MM Picked

    Good grief!

    7/24/12 11:32 PM

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