Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Boxed In [Move Support][1-4 Player]

Boxed In [Move Support][1-4 Player]

By links_r_us links_r_us

A [Dualshock 3/Move Supported ] 1-4 player puzzler. Your goal is to move the Blue Block out of the square by moving aside blocks that are in the way. Includes 20 levels, each gaining in difficulty as you progress. Big thanks to @Velvet--Audio for all the music he has provided me with. @monstertruckpipk and @BossWolfen for there time in testing/suggestions, and @RoDRiGO-FiLiPiNo for his amazing ESRB rating! Once again, thank you to everyone who tested [Start Date: 02/27/2012 --- Release Date: 07/04/2012]
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  • First published 7/3/12
  • Last published 7/5/12
  • Completed 147 times
Good grief!
  • JimmyJ75 JimmyJ75

    I love everthing you make links-this level is exceptionally brilliant and outstanding.A true masterpiece.

    10/6/12 3:38 AM

    Good grief!

    Over Looked for an MM Pick!

    8/16/12 4:29 PM

    Good grief!
  • RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo

    I really enjoyed playing this puzzler! This has to be the most intricate puzzler I've ever played here in LBP. It actually gives a tough challenge! The part that impressed me the most was the save logic for your moves, as well as the ranging difficulty between the other levels. This is entirely unique and I hope it earns an Mm pick, because it deserves it!

    7/4/12 5:38 PM

    Good grief!