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The Great Exploration of Sam Stinklefritz

UPDATEE! Apologies! Some people may have experienced a glitch where the level doesn't end! It has been fixed! ------------------ ----------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------- In this adventure, you come upon a very sad Sam Stinklefritz... He has lost the one person he truely loves, Patty. It's up to you to help Sam find Patty and bring her home! Hope you all enjoy it! Bet you can't find the Easter Egg! ;D Special Thanks to TJxTHEKID, MAD-WIZ and all of my other friends who helped test it!

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  • Mikosilverneko Mikosilverneko

    Did I just risk my cute little sackpersons life just to help a shirt less guy get his lunch?

    Good grief!

    7/9/12 4:08 AM

  • BugsFunny BugsFunny

    This is basically just perfect! The checkpoint always brought a smile on my face, I found it very original. The level itself looked truly perfect, the gameplay was very good as well. I only have 1 complaint: the speech-bubbles were a bit too fast.

    Good grief!

    8/9/12 6:35 PM

  • qnom qnom

    Wow, just wow. No wait, I think I have more. I love the art style, brought me back to my lbp1 days, ahhh those were the days. Your level made me feel awesome due to the fact that i found the cheetah print easter egg :P. Wish i could create like you, kudos my friend, kudos...

    Good grief!

    7/8/12 2:37 AM

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