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This is the Progressive Contest 2nd Prize Runner Up. has come under an attack by a virus that has hacked the Bundler machine and taken physical form. Right before being overwhelmed by it FLO activates Progressive V.E.R.A ( Virus Elimination and Restoration Android ) now its up to V.E.R.A to save the day. make your way through this puzzle plaformer inspired by Progressive with my new handrawn sprite "V.E.R.A". thank you for playing

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  • shiro143 shiro143

    Awesome animations and gameplay. its a bit better than my entry, but those tiny moving squares need to be bigger, they were so frustrating to get on. The boss was a little bit of a let down since it just moved around and was never really a threat, but overall good work. hope you make it to top 10

    Good grief!

    8/25/12 7:55 PM

  • OoDarkPandaoO OoDarkPandaoO

    Nice,i hearted it and rated it!&#xe2661

    Good grief!

    8/30/12 11:16 AM

  • shaqplayer25 shaqplayer25

    this plataformer is amazing fun adictive with a good story the animation is amazing and the controls are very easy to understand not only will this get you to the tops of the contest but this level is a Mmpick worthy you sir are a pro-creator best of luck

    Good grief!

    8/22/12 2:53 AM

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