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Beware the Bat - The plot moves forward as The Dark Knight delves deeper into Scarecrow's mysterious appearance. Thanks for all the support from the first part guys, here it is! VOICE ACTORS WANTED!

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  • evil_eric91 evil_eric91

    Who was the dingus who disliked this? Congrats on the dark and broody Batman we all love. This was very well done in terms of level design, character models and action. If only I had a headset I'd love to help out. I have a childlike voice but you'd be surprised at what I can do.

    Good grief!

    7/21/12 1:50 AM

  • gasvia gasvia

    WOW! Being a huge Batman fan myself I have to say this is the best superhero film I have ever seen on LBP. From the fighting, to the special effects; this was perfect. I'd love to see more!

    Good grief!

    3/10/12 4:23 PM

  • dracudelishio dracudelishio

    very cool, hey let me reprise my role as gordon in your movie, i can do it, all night long.

    Good grief!

    7/6/12 5:00 AM

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