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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued The Gunslinger Arts "Hands of Lightning speed" [JPN]

The Gunslinger Arts "Hands of Lightning speed" [JPN]

By Rose2099 Rose2099

[1 player only] A wandering bounty hunter appears in a little village plundered by a lot of desperadoes. You have one revolver and special ability"Flash movement". {You should defeat as many enemies as possible in 5 minutes. You can get technical bonus to shooting down more than 3 enemies during "Flash movement". You'll be rewarded at game end.} It's time to start your business! あなたは放浪の賞金稼ぎ。悪党を村から追い出そう。頼りは1丁のリボルバーと特殊能力。{5分間で可能な限りの敵を倒してください。特殊能力発動中に3人以上敵を倒すと特別ボーナスを得ることが出来ます。}
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  • First published 3/3/12
  • Last published 9/3/14
  • Completed 7,285 times
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