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Grand Theft Auto III

Prepare yourself for the most thrilling GTA yet explore the biggest city yet in a variety of vehicles ranging from cars to tanks to helicopters. There is also a large variety of guns ranging from your fists to a rocket launcher but beware the cops the will come after you and wont give up until your dead! If you have 4 stars the cops cut off all traffic and bring out the big guns, a military tank that can withstand 5 times the damage a car can. again it has a great soundtrack brought to you by Viggobalder!

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Top Reviews

  • wyld_dawgs wyld_dawgs

    I Love it! Happy Face for MM Picks!

    Good grief!

    3/4/12 12:35 AM


    OMG I had a blast with just 1 player i mean this lvl is a true masterpiece, never before have i seen a lvl with such detail its magnificent, and the cars tanks and helicopters make this the most epic level ive ever seen

    Good grief!

    3/3/12 3:51 PM

  • evildan098 evildan098

    YAY IF U JUMPED OF OFF MM STUDIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good grief!

    3/4/12 1:41 PM

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