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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Jungle's Reasons

Jungle's Reasons


Hey Guys ! I present you my new exclusive platformer level intituled " Jungle's Reasons ". Difficulty : average.This level is in a unique ambiance for me. This level explain you the Reasons of the Jungle. I'm inspired by my level Magical Forest and by Lockstitch, he is the best creator of platformer levels for me. So, I hope you have fun in this new level and Good Luck in the Jungle ;) Special Thanks : 0165_Vivaldi-NL for his awesomeness music and Zera-Xix47x for the contribution in the level :D. Enjoy ^-^
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  • First published 3/2/12
  • Last published 4/21/12
  • Completed 16,628 times
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Good grief!
  • GameManiack GameManiack

    Ok after playing all your published levels i can safely say that you're one amazingly talented creator. ESPECIALLY after i figured out your 13 !!! years old. Man you're really creative and talented and should really consider to find a career in game design. If you're able to make some amazing levels at merely the age of 13, who knows what you're capable of when you're older. In any case you as a creator are hereby hearted and i can't wait for your next creation .

    4/2/12 2:51 AM

    Good grief!
  • Fresh_Pancake1 Fresh_Pancake1

    I've discovered the Jungles Reasons after 20 years of research. 1: To be epic detailed intricate platformers 2: Sackboy death camps.

    3/3/12 3:12 PM

    Good grief!
  • Lockstitch Lockstitch

    fun, clean level man!

    3/4/12 6:10 PM

    Good grief!