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BloQ (1 Player)


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  • firewheel22 firewheel22

    BloQ is a fantastic! BloQ takes your mind away with exploding Details, Visuals, Gameplay and Tittle. Hotalbi needs a Mm Picked (Media Molecule Picked) Right Now, And if that doesn't happen i'll shoot my other eye out! So get Picking, Media Molecule! BloQ created by Hotalbi gets 10/10. Fascinating...

    Good grief!

    3/17/12 8:03 PM

  • lukasdebek lukasdebek

    AMAZING! Everything just perfect! Good fun gameplay, didn't find eny bugs, and surely good logics! Can't believe that just a platform game can make something so attractively good! " Am I still playing LBP2 ?" was the question I was thinking till the end, and sure enough played the whole thing! Mm pick rank. 927/1000! EDIT: Whoa! I played this when this had 80 plays and now it got 500 plays in 24 hours and certainly deserves it. Keep it up mate!

    Good grief!

    3/15/12 4:01 PM

  • superninja45 superninja45

    This Was a Very Good Level , It Must have been hard to make, YAY If think more people should play this and maybe even MM Pick! YAY IF YOUR WITH ME ------------ EDIT: Hotalbi Congrats On The MM Pick :) Keep Up The Good Work ! XD

    Good grief!

    6/9/12 1:40 AM

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