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"Panic! To the Disco"

You're stumbling along minding your own business when you come across a resident of the town Yebestwearsunscreen. Some evil doer has stolen the towns Diamond! (GASP) But this Diamond is much more than just a pricless jewel... It is the only thing that keeps the town safe! Now, they threw all their problems on your back and you have to find the hooligan thats committed this crime... no matter what stands in your way! .: Thanks to 'Lil_Morta_7' for both of the custom muusikz and to 'JplusK' 4 help w/ logic

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  • JplusK JplusK

    Panic, to the disco is a fine level nice style soundtrack and platforming. Although of the not so exiting contraptions and the boss (it was too long and a little boring), I can see you learned alot and this definitely deserves some more plays! Visual style was really enjoyeble, the story was very quick. I hope you make more levels like this in the future, I'm proud! Signed by your superious friend JK!

    Good grief!

    3/16/12 10:02 PM

  • kateonamission kateonamission

    Glad to DISCOver this super-cool level! (see what I did there?) Can't wait for more XD

    Good grief!

    3/25/12 5:48 PM

  • TheOfficialKing TheOfficialKing

    Awesome level,you win.

    Good grief!

    3/17/12 6:10 PM

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