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[1 Player] This is Tiles, a puzzle game with billions of levels for you to play. Choose between score mode or endless mode. How many levels can you clear? --------------------------------------------------------- I know about that spawn glitch and I'm still working on it. When the game glitches or if you want to stop, press L3 to end the game while keeping your score. --------------------------------------------------------- Very special thanks to Cerzus for the concept and the great idea.

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    While I was testing this in Create Mode, I was thinking this will be one of the best levels in the LBP Community, and guess what! I was right, with endless mode there are millions of levels to play and everytime you play there different! Just pur quality Tevlon. 100% MM Pick worthy and deserves many plays. I hope it brings you them and brings you some more deserved hearts! Bravo. You my friend, are the best un-noticed creator ever! I could write more, but the space is nearly gone! EDIT: Told you :) MM Pick!

    Good grief!

    5/13/12 5:23 PM

  • xxRehab_Rejectxx xxRehab_Rejectxx

    Absolutely amazing level! An ingenious puzzle game with an infinite amount of puzzles that are deceptively simple and mind boggling at the same time! Combine that with a super sleek design and presentation and this level becomes quite engrossing! Excellent job Tevlon EDIT: CONGRATS ON THE MM PICK BRO!

    Good grief!

    5/13/12 12:47 PM

  • Luos_83 Luos_83

    What a smart game, close to infinite levels all teasing your brain and addictive as cake. a real winner in my book!

    Good grief!

    5/9/12 10:06 PM

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