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Buddy's Gallery of Destructive Tunes!

[ Turning Subtitles ON is recommended. ] A highly detailed menu containing three pages of great, original music composed by myself: Buddydestruction! Contains FIFTY tracks from Arabian and Indian desert themed music, to epic orchestral and boss battle music! Nearly all of them can be collected as prizes! The menu even matches your player colour! ENJOY!! -:|:- Cover image my @Monkeyfrog77. Thanks to my wonderful dad for voice acting! And a BIG thanks for the help and support from the LBN community!

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  • Sack-_Boyy Sack-_Boyy

    WoW! talk about amazing! talk about AMAZING MUSIC, Holy sacks my friend i can already see all the effort you put in all these awesomesauce tunes, Never the less! The layout,Logic, and EFFORT put into this whole level was crazy it self. Your voice has a funny charm to it:P nice voice acting, But anyway I saw u left StevenI a comment about this level, so i checked it out, and my god i can sure as heck tell you if he does play this. He wont be dissapointed c: Amazing job/music hub my friend!

    Good grief!

    10/6/12 6:50 PM

  • Tynz21 Tynz21

    You truly are an amazing musician my friend. I'm in love with "Time of Legends", an orchestral piece that would truly set the stage for a climactic realization of destiny. Truly these are some of the greatest songs to be heard in LittleBIGP

    Good grief!

    10/8/12 2:53 AM

  • weirdybeardy weirdybeardy


    Good grief!

    10/10/12 11:24 AM

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