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That A-Maze-Ing Way (1P)

I'll be taking a break from updating this for some time...many logic problems >.< ll Welcome to That A-Maze-Ing Way! The game is simple: Take the ball to the goal,passing through the mazes.The thing is: You won't use your ana.logic stick.You'll use the SIXAXIS movement of your controller to do so! Have fun and good luck!

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  • DarthPandaUK DarthPandaUK

    You guys are all missing the point, an MM Pick isn&apos;t about the detail, because not everyone likes detail in a level, an MM Pick&apos;s about taking an idea, and putting it into your own levels. It&apos;s about the imagination.

    Good grief!

    11/30/12 6:43 PM

  • Geet-R Geet-R

    Hey dude, don&apos;t feel so down. You got the pick for one reason, and you should be proud of that, regardless of the negative opinions. Yes, it could use some work, and may not be an &quot;Mm Pick&quot; in some peoples&apos; standards, but hey, that doesn&apos;t mean it&apos;s a bad level. I thought the controls were really smooth, it&apos;s just the presentation that needs work. I say good job, just keep working on getting that scenery right to really wow people.

    Good grief!

    11/30/12 6:04 PM

  • UltimateBrawl UltimateBrawl

    For some reason I accidentally deleted my review... But in any case, is Super Mario Bros a bad game because it&apos;s incredibly low-res? No. The same goes for Legend Of Zelda: OOT, Minecraft, and other such games. In fact, the disaster that was Sonic 06 proved that amazing graphics never determine the quality of the game; it&apos;s the gameplay and how fun it is, and on that front, this guy succeeded. 10/10.

    Good grief!

    12/4/12 9:04 PM

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