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Boss Battle 1: Gelulupas

Welcome to your first day on the job. You are Monster Hunter #128. Your assignment today is to take out a stray gelulupas that has gotten loose in Facility #16. Good luck. Visit for more great levels.

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  • Vanemiera Vanemiera

    That's a fantastic Boss! The phase when the shield is disabled is quit easy. You can just stay where the bombs impacted without getting harmed at all.

    Good grief!

    2/10/09 9:16 PM

  • RangerZero RangerZero

    Amazing work on that boss even if there was some problems with it. His movement and timing wasn't all that intuitive. It wasn't evident as to where you have to hide sometimes. Anyhow, hearted!

    Good grief!

    2/3/09 4:01 AM

  • aer0blue aer0blue

    Bass, nice stuff here! Quite fun... Except I found an exploit lol. >.<

    Good grief!

    1/29/09 7:53 PM


    if you like a challenge try my level THE Great Tree

    Good grief!

    1/28/09 3:13 AM

  • CuzFeeshe CuzFeeshe

    Wow. VERY cool battle. I think I need a sedative.

    Good grief!

    1/27/09 3:00 AM


    Nice work, hearted.

    Good grief!

    1/13/09 1:08 PM

  • Xx_FAF_Sniper_xX Xx_FAF_Sniper_xX

    heh aced it and got 1st place on the leaderboards :) F4F (feedback is in lbpc thread) please do the feedback on my level called "The Facility" thanks :] and great level, very well made

    Good grief!

    1/9/09 10:46 PM

  • NinjaMicWZ NinjaMicWZ

    great work

    Good grief!

    1/4/09 10:38 PM

  • GruntosUK GruntosUK

    F4F LBPCentral. Good level, found it hard, the amount of switches and gates you used was mind boggling

    Good grief!

    1/4/09 11:56 AM

  • Mr_Spoonylegs Mr_Spoonylegs

    nice boss but i don't understand how to beat him.... i'm stupid >_<

    Good grief!

    12/31/08 2:18 PM

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