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Space Escape II

Still stuck on an alien space ship, you wander the craft in hopes of finding a means of escape, but survival continues to be a problem. Part II of the Space Escape series! ** Includes Secret Mini Game bonus room! ** (Moderate to Hard difficulty)

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  • thehappyworm thehappyworm

    I'm still enjoying exploring this bizarre alien craft. The "gas-stirring" room was especially surreal. Didn't find the secret minigame room the first time round -- I'll have to give it another go. Any clues? :-)

    Good grief!

    6/19/12 1:20 PM

  • Nomiz_the_killer Nomiz_the_killer

    Plz try my level: Light is out :)

    Good grief!

    4/13/12 11:10 AM

  • masseyf masseyf

    Reviewed awhile ago and said parts were a little dark - After playing comphermcs latest which contains a 100 shades of dark i took my tv off auto settings and with some messing around with hdmi black levels and such i can see that it was my own fault (or tvs!). Still a great, just came to retract the lightning comment!

    Good grief!

    9/5/11 2:02 PM

  • Nourdine-_-Ahmed Nourdine-_-Ahmed

    mistere ahmed mistere souhaila

    Good grief!

    7/20/11 8:47 PM


    Play my Train Bomb Survival

    Good grief!

    7/9/11 8:53 PM

  • masseyf masseyf

    [Rev. Cont.] Parts were a little too dark, could still figure everything out but it broke the flow a few times. The first mob encounter was buggy, projectiles causing one to back off the edge. Those little things aside it was a genuinely thrilling ride that will inspire me and Im hungry for more! :)

    Good grief!

    7/7/11 9:54 PM

  • Keir_Dullea Keir_Dullea

    awfully good

    Good grief!

    7/3/11 8:23 PM

  • jwwphotos jwwphotos

    lol.. no, I'm not boxghost but I actually did play as boxghost in the DFL video as she was unavailable. ;)

    Good grief!

    4/9/11 2:42 AM

  • Arcturas Arcturas

    He's not boxghost, for your information, or is it fyi?

    Good grief!

    4/6/11 9:06 PM

  • vico80130183 vico80130183

    very hard, very good!!!!! 5stars

    Good grief!

    1/30/11 10:52 PM

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