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Published in LittleBigPlanet™ Hearted Queued Lovespan: The truth about Love

Lovespan: The truth about Love

By Kaiju_Kid Kaiju_Kid

Rated 4 stars
An Epic tale of Love and truth.1 player best, multiplayer stay together. Uses light based scene transitions, keep moving forward to avoid getting lost. Original song by Kaiju kid.
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  • First published 3/4/10
  • Last published 3/10/10
  • Completed 3,437 times
Good grief!
  • mikmor6 mikmor6

    end is very heartbreaking and emotional very welldone kaiju kid you should of got a MM pick for this back in LBP 1 where this level was made. One more thing this is the answer to all people who have started a relationship teaching them to treat their girlfriends nicely or to people who have been through that pain teaching them next time they get a girlfriend stay by her side forever and do nice things for her.Thanks for teaching us that warning.

    4/2/12 9:51 AM

    Good grief!

    love is inportant thumbs up if you were a girl not boy lol

    3/26/13 5:53 PM

    Good grief!
  • generalmikelee1 generalmikelee1


    7/9/12 10:03 PM

    Good grief!