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Published in LittleBigPlanet™ Hearted Queued Garden of Goodies v6

Garden of Goodies v6

By Aya042 Aya042

Rated 4 stars
This is a showcase level aimed at creators rather than players, and contains a number of useful prizes, including over 3000 different material samples. One player recommended. Special thanks to comphermc, edghe119, and Sehven.
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  • First published 6/27/10
  • Last published 2/4/11
  • Completed 2,493 times
Good grief!
  • TeamKobun TeamKobun

    This is a brilliantly constructed tutorial level which showcases numerous new materials and techniques to use in level creation. The guided tour is excellently designed, explaining everything you need to know along the way. My sole gripe is the plasma area at the start may throw people off with its challenge (swing across the treetops), but beyond that tiny hiccup, this is a perfect tutorial level.

    1/29/11 3:53 AM

    Good grief!
  • Macrocephalus Macrocephalus

    This is a very clearly written and comprehensive tutorial. The hazard near the beginning is odd, but not a major issue. Many thanks! Hearted and heartily appreciated. Unfortunately, though, some things don't work as described in LBP2. A number of materials, for example, can't actually be smeared or edited, just scaled. Updates (and workarounds!) would be likewise very much appreciated.

    2/16/11 8:30 PM

    Good grief!
  • CuteAsAButton635 CuteAsAButton635


    1/31/11 7:33 PM

    Good grief!