Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Mexican Jumping Zombies [REARMED]

Mexican Jumping Zombies [REARMED]

By JacobBuck JacobBuck

Try to fend off the endless onslaught of Mexican Jumping Zombies, and survive as long as possible! Press  to purchase weapons. WARNING: INTENDED FOR SINGLE PLAYER. MAY CAUSE EXTREME LAG AND OR FREEZE WITH MULTIPLE PLAYERS. NOTE: THIS IS A JOKE. ANY OFFENSE TAKEN IS UNINTENDED.
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  • First published 1/25/11
  • Last published 2/3/13
  • Completed 1,590 times
Good grief!
  • Mexican_Furious Mexican_Furious

    I have to say, as a Mexican, that this is not offensive, at all. Quite the opposite I would say; this is a really good game.

    1/31/11 6:06 AM

    Good grief!
  • X-Abrupto X-Abrupto

    It takes a little too much time to unlock the good weapons at first because the paintinator doesn't kill fast enough and there aren't a lot of zombies at first but once you get your first 3000 points this level rocks! Good job on making different zombies with special attributes. The intro is very well done and funny. Keep it up, you make really good levels!

    2/11/11 10:40 PM

    Good grief!
  • ChesePandaBandit ChesePandaBandit

    Brillant Lol... i mean im iWEWO WoOo! Lol! I saw create mode but wow |it was much better now! this level was Briallnt crafted i just say Brillant designed! i just liked the theme just zombie around! This level got lot of great stuff and supreme designed! this level shud be Brillant but wiant it is!

    4/16/11 7:51 PM

    Good grief!