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Vietnam: FPS Advanced (With Co-Op Support)

1 - 4 players. Advanced verison. Level design partly seen in LBP2 beta. No sacks left behind, includes unqiue co op support so no need to leave your friends behind. Choose either a AK 47 - M16A1. Triangle to pull out your pistol. R2 to reload. Sackbot enemies that take cover and fire. An non stop action packed LBP style FPS. Thanks goes to Evret for ammo logic help.

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  • StevenI StevenI

    This is by far the best FPS level that I've played in LittleBigPlanet 2. I remember the original version in the beta and this version tops it in every possible way. The gameplay was excellent, the level design amazing and simply put, this is an incredibly polished game. The return to casual platforming elements was a very nice end to the level and ensured that it remained a true LittleBigPlanet experience. Definitely a great game for all!

    Good grief!

    1/31/11 9:00 PM

  • DBMgamer DBMgamer

    Treyarch & Activision are very scared right now

    Good grief!

    2/1/11 3:39 AM

  • webb0001 webb0001

    This level is amazing! The shooting is fluid, responsive and most importantly fun. I also love all the little touches like the ammo counter, and having multiple weapons available.

    Good grief!

    1/31/11 1:27 PM

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