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1 Player ~ Aim to shoot all the oranges. Bonuses for stylish shots. R1 or L1 to change song. x fires ball, good luck! Hold triangle to speed up the bucket while ball is not in play. EDIT: Added a pointer, press o to activate it and o to deactive if you wish. Note I cannot guarantee its accuracy but it should guide those in need. Will only appear while ball is not in play.

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  • ghik16 ghik16

    The visuals are much better and you feel more like playing Peggle than LBP. I wished there were more levels though, but I guess you're working on that. AND btw make a pointer for aiming.

    Good grief!

    2/7/11 7:56 PM

  • miketheiron miketheiron

    Wow! An incredibly faithful, and beautifully realized version of Peggle. The game mechanics are spot on (long shots and all!), and the presentation is stunning. Extremely impressive, and great fun too!

    Good grief!

    2/4/11 12:21 AM

  • Pokefreak123456 Pokefreak123456

    Utterly fantastic! I never played Peggle (lol?) but if it is like this, then I wish I had. The response is spectacular, the background is soothing and the choice of music is rather impressive. To be honest, this level RADIATES with effort put in during the process of making. Using one word to describe this would be "Superexpafraligisticexpialidocious". Did I spell that right?

    Good grief!

    2/4/11 4:26 PM

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