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Prius_Prius Commercial.

A short Commercial for the Toyota Prius. This is my entry for the LittleBigPrius contest. Version 1.something

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  • Guerra180 Guerra180

    LOOL after seeing this lets hope that lbp2 wont be full of companies advertising their products. good idea though

    Good grief!

    2/5/11 8:08 AM

  • diddlesdan diddlesdan

    Very good commercial though you do have some spelling mistakes, in both instances you need to change " were " to " where ". were means past tense e.g My Dad and I were going to the shops tonight, but we couldn't because it was raining. Whereas " Where" means a place e.g A world where we can be happy or " where are we?"

    Good grief!

    2/5/11 10:34 AM

  • littlebigsack200 littlebigsack200

    WOW, amazing commercial! This could actually WIN and it could change people's mind about the WORLD! Hope... I hope you WIN! <3

    Good grief!

    2/5/11 9:00 PM

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