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The Haunted

Recommended for 1 Player only. Quite a lot of reading. This is an intro to my series "The Haunted". A scary horror story inspired by Silent Hill 2. Your friend recieves a letter from his long lost wife and the adventure begins. Please read the instructions carefully on some parts of the level. Thank you and may you have a nice day.

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Top Reviews

  • DjLiquidz DjLiquidz

    The story and the atmosphere are perfect, i got hooked from the start. Like it been said before, if it would be possible to skip the text when we are done reading, it would help the pace of the level. I will keep an eye on your work, thanks for publishing this!

    Good grief!

    2/8/11 8:45 AM

  • cocggg cocggg

    Unbelievable! Very nice atmosphere and setting. The place was a little bit too complex for me though. I got lost quite easily and didnt really know what to do. Some more guidelines would be good. Still, a very nice level!

    Good grief!

    2/7/11 4:32 PM

  • n_guye_n n_guye_n

    Nicely done blackmon! There are a couple of things to improve it though: 1) Try to make the text skippable for those who read fast. 2) Make the cut scenes skippable, I ended the level before I could explore more and wanted to replay it but wanted to skip the opening. 3) I know it's a pain, but try to make more unique sections of the first floor. Some of the hallway look identicle and I got confused quite a bit. Overall it was very well made. I'm looking forward to more!

    Good grief!

    2/8/11 6:46 AM

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