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Prius_Eco Adventure!

Journey through three fantastic environments and take down the GasHog, an evil robot swine bent on polluting all of CraftWorld! Only the Toyota Prius, a car packed with environment-friendly features, can save the day from this piggy menace! Look for my level in the Home theatre (3/31) and in PULSE (4/5)!

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    nice work I'm sure this is the winner, I was going to enter but I found out Canada was left out of the contest, then I started looking into how good for the planet the prius is, found out its not great at all, found out the Prius is the worst out of all the hybrids, I love what you did with this level It shows the power Toyota has over people, I seriously hope this level wins It is exactly what they want you to do. help them trick people into thinking Prius is the clean choice. its not.

    Good grief!

    9/18/11 3:26 AM

  • smunch3z smunch3z

    WOW! i loved this level, despite the fact it was all just a huge ad -__-

    Good grief!

    2/24/11 12:53 AM

  • Soggi Soggi

    This level is definitly a masterpiece. It contains three different invironments, a superb gameplay and a funny story. The visuals are great, the author puts love in every detail of this level. And the advantages of the prius are described well, while the promotion itself works in the background and is not too annoying. one of the best levels i have ever played. you deserve the new 3dtv more than anyone else.

    Good grief!

    2/13/11 7:56 PM

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