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Poultry Panic

A story about a boy, his pet chicken, and their abduction by an interstellar short-order cook. (1 player only!)

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  • jackattack272 jackattack272

    Really, REALLY awesome job with this level! Everything from the cinematics to the gameplay was just spot-on. Love the ending, as sad as it was to see the chicken 'pack his bags and move away' =( 10/10

    Good grief!

    2/11/11 6:57 AM

  • Maciariello Maciariello

    Griffin, this is seriously the best community level I've played. This is more or less the short film that you'd see before a Pixar movie with the rollercoaster of emotions and humor skillfully crafted into what you've done here. Perfect use of body language and set design with a charming narrative to give it structure. Congratulations, LBP2 community. You've got a winner here. I'd give it 17.5 stars if I could.

    Good grief!

    2/12/11 1:52 AM

  • Pokefreak123456 Pokefreak123456

    Great level. The cutscenes are well made and the music fits the level perfectly. The gameplay is fun and quirky, with that hint of Ratchet & Clank. The Chicken is well animated, and is actually very useful during play. The boss is rather excellent, with a good variation of puzzle and platforming. The end is, however, too sad for me :*( Please!!! Can you make the ending happier? PLEAAASE?!

    Good grief!

    2/11/11 8:16 PM

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