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Star Wars: Jedi Arts - Lightsaber Duels

Update: Jedi Arts 2 is out now! Experience lightsaber battles with up to three friends or against A.I. bots in an arena inspired by locations of the pivotal lightsaber duels from the films. Special thanks to Rustbukkit for the hours of testing, telling me what to keep and what sucked, and for designing the look of the boss. If anybody is curious, the A.I bots are Darth Malak from Kotor, Darth Maul, from ep1 and Darth Sehven from LBP2. Hold all 4 shoulder buttons at the beginning to get the double-saber.

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Top Reviews

  • Jabadahut50 Jabadahut50

    Amazing level! The combanation of stunning visuals, palpapel atmosphere, simplistic but deep gameplay, and the overall sense of being a lightsaber wielding badass makes for a winning combo. Bravo!

    Good grief!

    2/19/11 7:06 PM

  • killer-chuck9 killer-chuck9

    awsomoe loved it. It shoud be mm pick

    Good grief!

    2/19/11 8:24 PM

  • Cattastrofic Cattastrofic

    'I can feeel your ANGER. IT GIVES YOU FOCUS. MAKES YOU STRONGER. My friend, as an avid Star Wars fan, this level blew me away, every costume, every force jump, every iconic moment from the film like the Cloud City Freezing Chamber and the Theed Battle, was just executed beautifully. And the best thing is, when I got to fight Vader, I was wearing my Luke costume with a green lightsaber! Thankyou so much for making this, gonna play it again and again!

    Good grief!

    6/3/11 4:36 PM

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