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(REMASTERED) 'Afraid' takes place 2 years after the murder case of the unknown appartment victim. 2 guys have been hired to clear out the appartment building, in order to help turn it into a luxurious hotel, but as they get started, strange things begin to stur.. LIGHTS OFF, VOLUME UP. 'Running time - 13min 36 sec' (Yes, the new demon is me)

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  • srryim2goodferu srryim2goodferu

    Yesss!! A perfectly done horror level. And a lot of voiced levels are crap but your voice added character depth that made me care about the sackboys to the point where i was screaming for them. definitely deserves hearts.

    Good grief!

    5/29/11 6:35 AM

  • ettevroc ettevroc

    I LOVE IT!!! i'm so tired of people making low quality horror levels and actually getting famous for it. you on the other hand deserve to be Mm picked.

    Good grief!

    4/4/11 2:29 PM

  • iinov8 iinov8

    O_o h-holy...... lol dude, this is QUALITY work. i had my lights off & volume turned up.... then right after the film ended a storm started outside & i heard thunder.... O_O then we had a power outage & my tv turned to static. i stood up. took a deep breath. and screemed at the top of my lungs 4 my mum & dad. i guess you could say this a freaking awsome lvl.... :D *trembles & hearts this work of art*

    Good grief!

    3/25/11 9:37 PM

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