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Crash Bandicoot 3D Remake V:1.6

(UPDATED! V:1.6, Added some wild new blocks & changed level exit!) Enough with the tech demos! I hope you enjoy this lovingly recreation of the original Crash Bandicoot, made possible with the 3D Camera Glitch! It is short, but alot of time was put into it to make sure the gameplay was identical to the PS1 classic. Enjoy! (If you find a glitch, let me know!)

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  • gamepro300 gamepro300

    When I first saw this on, I was like "Oh god, I just know this is going to be awlful". I am so glad I was WRONG! This was a very good remake. The only things I find wrong is mabye better detail with the level and crash himself. You got the gameplay down pretty darn good!

    Good grief!

    3/22/11 12:24 AM

  • TheMightyMunden TheMightyMunden

    As long as you don't grind across any of the walls, the camera stay perfect. I really liked the use of apples, boxes and even the dreaded TNTs! Nice work dude

    Good grief!

    3/21/11 9:23 PM

  • crashfan1ooo crashfan1ooo

    OMG Thank you for this Crash bandicoot is 1 of my all time favorite games i bought all 3 off the playstation store its awesome i remember when crash jumped out the window and said ............ UH OH! i also remember cortexs line "quickly! Into the vortex the villans Cortex, N brio, Pinstripe, ripper roo, and koala kong there were awesome! if you can you should buy all 3 off the playstation store its worth it CRASH BANDICOOT FOREVER! and i broke all the boxes without dieing wheres my gem? :D

    Good grief!

    4/6/11 12:13 AM

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