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Defend The Convoy

A convoy is on its way to Area 51 with some interesting and valuable cargo recovered from the recent Roswell incident. Defend it as long as you can and score points along the way. 1-4 player survival challenge shooter. Enjoy and good luck!

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  • Nuclearfish Nuclearfish

    Great level, the addition of two vehicles and 4 player seats makes this twice as much fun to play in multiplayer. Can be a bit hard, but getting to stage 5 is worth it! Or so I'm told. ;)

    Good grief!

    2/28/11 9:32 AM

  • Italax Italax

    A very cool level that really manages to capture a good arcade feel. The only things that I think would really improve it would to to slightly increase the reticule movement speed and to increase the length of time that it takes to overheat the gun. At some points I felt like I was unable to shoot everything that was coming because my gun was overheating so quickly.

    Good grief!

    3/7/11 9:35 PM

  • IneXtrikabul IneXtrikabul

    This level is really fun to play. It has astounding visuals, awesome music, and a great display for HP and whatnot. But I personally found myself losing my reticle, overheating and missing great opportunities to rack up a ton of points. It's very difficult to aim because of the reticle's sluggish movement, and the overheat sensor doesn't show you when you'll overheat well. I often have to guess, and find myself losing points by the truckload due to repeated overheats.

    Good grief!

    7/28/11 3:28 PM

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