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Little Big Air Warfare

High-flying sackperson dogfighting at its finest! Take to the skies in one of four WW1-WW2 era planes and bomb your opponent's base into the ground, all while protecting your own. Inspired by the classic PC game Sopwith. [VS game for up to 4 players, ONLINE PLAY ONLY] ------------------------------------------------------ ★★★ 2011 Sackie Award Winner for Best Multiplayer. ★★★ Big thanks to everyone who voted, you guys rock!

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  • chowder138 chowder138

    Co-op mode would be nice, as would a reverse button. My plane got stuck on my runway (when i was on red team) and about 3 of my planes crashed while trying to manuever over it. i've also found that the green and blue bases are extremely vulnerable, whereas the yellow and red bases often escape the round without a scratch. it would also be nice if the game was longer; perhaps 20 minutes or more. However, this was still overall an amazing versus level recommended for anyone looking for a fun versus level.

    Good grief!

    7/28/11 4:15 AM


    u should make a number 2 but include hand guns, tanks, teams, different maps, and bigger bases yay if u agree

    Good grief!

    11/29/11 1:07 AM

  • kdude18 kdude18

    MM Pick whose with me!!!!

    Good grief!

    7/28/11 1:06 PM

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