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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued LBP PAC-MAN [JPN]


By gurichan gurichan

パックマンです。1人プレイ専用。 PAC-MAN LBP style. please enjoy this game. 1PLAYER ONLY.
More Info
  • First published 3/1/11
  • Last published 8/11/12
  • Completed 81,460 times
This level is a developer favourite!

Team picked on 3/3/11 (View more team picks)

Good grief!
  • TheMightyMunden TheMightyMunden

    Absolutely phenomenal level with spot on game logistics, felt EXACTLY like pacman. Loved the hologram game menu and special effects during the gameplay, good to see this level boasting a well deserved Mm pick badge!

    3/4/11 10:02 AM

    Good grief!
  • DirtygKid15 DirtygKid15

    My mom immediately took the controller away from me and started playing for hours on end XD Great job with level btw XD

    3/3/11 11:24 PM

    Good grief!
  • VenemoX VenemoX

    Best Pac-Man remake thus far. Amazing visuals, Almost flawless gameplay. It's Pac-Man! Gave it a :D and <3

    3/1/11 1:24 PM

    Good grief!