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Help! My monkey hid my homework!?

OH NO! All of your fancy homework is gone and TODAY IS THE DEADLINE! Traverse a land filled to the brim with sneaky bunnys, strange scenery and bombs to find your precious homework before the day is over! UPDATE. More help-signs, more arrows! Fixed the creatinator-removers.

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  • Rhys125 Rhys125

    Ugh, the LBP community gets on my nerves sometimes! Someone makes an innovative level with new gameplay mechanics and great visuals, but players dislike it because there are hard parts that require some thinking and problem solving. Use your brains, people! Fantastic level, Mnniska! Keep up the great work!

    Good grief!

    3/11/11 5:42 PM

  • TheGavfather TheGavfather

    Mniska's levels never fail to spawn a handful of giggly moments, sly smiles at a clever use, and occasional outbursts of wrath at the ARGH- SO CLOSE! moments. And this level is no different! A fantastic, cunningly planned and created level, Mniska has not yet failed to dissapoint in any of it's fantastic imaginings and spontaneous ideas. Overall, a brilliant, challenging, funny, clever, and addictive level, which will have you "hopping" mad with giddyness and amazement.

    Good grief!

    3/11/11 8:21 PM

  • TheMightyMunden TheMightyMunden

    As always, the level design is phenominal, and the gameplay is very original and clever. I loved the use of bunnies throughout the level, and the help option will make this level (hopefully) n00b proof! Are you Jon Burgerman in disguise?!

    Good grief!

    3/13/11 1:45 PM

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