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Overcharged 3D Racer (1 PLAYER ONLY)

Futuristic time challenge racer. Collect time bonuses & boost to the finish line before time runs out. [Big thanks to DJ_DTM for the amazing voice over, SPECIAL_D_ & CUTEASABUTTON635 for bug testing, comphermc for the fonts & FUBALICIOUS for finding the 3d cam]. Has a lot graphical issues with new cam & had to remove cam shake.

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    I am hooked on this level, I play it all the time always trying to better my score, I honestly think this level could be a game all its own outside of LBP. Seriously, I think this level is better than anything Nintendo ever made for the NES, I bet people can agree that this level is one of the most fun creations inside Little Big Planet and is a perfect example of what LBP2 is all about. I'm proud to be the voice for this wicked level, and Im glad Steve creates these amazing levels for the community :D

    Good grief!

    8/27/12 1:35 AM

  • decron1423 decron1423

    i'm sure i left my jaw around here somewhere

    Good grief!

    3/25/11 10:15 PM

  • snagglegrass snagglegrass

    PLaying this level, I forgot I was still playing LittleBigPlanet 2. This is by far the best use that anyone has put to the camera. The futuristic visuals were great and I kept thinking back to being in an old arcade and hearing the announcer saying everything. The one thing that would make it truly the best racing level would be multiplayer. If you can some how accomplish that, I would be left speechless. Anyways, this level is a MUST PLAY and I absolutley love it, great job!

    Good grief!

    3/26/11 2:24 PM

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