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AeroRacer -antigravity car- [JPN]

反重力カーに乗って行うレースゲームです。 前のクルマをミサイルで攻撃したり、後ろのクルマをバクダンで邪魔したりしてトップでゴールしよう。 後続車の速度補正ON/OFF。2コース[1~4人用] Race with AntiGravity Car!! Attack to the leading car with MISSILE, disturb to the following car with BOMB, and go to GOAL in the 1st place. Support advantage to following car (speed assist). 2 cources. Inspired by WIPEOUT [1-4 PLAYERS] (Fixed Fatal glitch and re-uploaded)

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  • gagjm gagjm

    Once again, you have truly amazed me with your great levels, Gurichan! This was really fun and I'll definitely come back to this. I hope for more tracks in the future =). Only problem is when the car lands a jump and/or goes up a slope, it sometimes gets stuck for a second, or it slows down and acceleration turns off for about a half second (not sure if its surposed to do that). Other than that its a great level and I hope to see more from you! 9.5/10 + <3

    Good grief!

    4/18/11 2:54 PM

  • pinkzep pinkzep


    Good grief!

    5/30/11 8:51 AM

  • ascfly ascfly

    Очень круто! Действительно такого не придумаешь!

    Good grief!

    6/18/11 6:41 PM

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