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The Brood Hotel Demon Survival

DISCLAIMER - Younger players may find this level scary. Fight your way through the Brood Hotel, killing flying demons with your flashlight helmets! Stick together, or go it alone.. good luck! (Yes, the demon is me)

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  • wolf_kolya wolf_kolya

    Sooo...what should i say now? After losing that scary face and creepy music it only have simple gameplay and creepy sounds. I remember how someone said " Afraid must be MM pick! ". But as we can see, ladies and gentlemans, Sony just decided to delete this awesome, creepy, scary levels. So...why do we need scary tag so? Why did Sony didn't deleted creepy levels, such as Hellvile hotel, The night of horror and many creepy levels, but decided to delete Afraid ? Do you see any honesty guys ?!

    Good grief!

    3/25/11 9:47 PM

  • thesyncsta12 thesyncsta12

    stupid MM these levels were the best now there just childish, I WANT THE OLD VERSIONS BACK! WHOS WITH ME?

    Good grief!

    4/1/11 4:47 PM

  • allansull allansull

    Ugh... Mm you somtimes make the worst decisions. What do you think you acheived by moderating this level, there was nothing wrong with this level at all, no voilence, no sexual content, nothing except creepy faces and music! You might think that moderating certain scary levels will stop little kids from being scared.. but now this level is boring, boring all thanks to you Mm. I hope this message gets through to you people and i hope you understand what a terrible idea this was.

    Good grief!

    3/24/11 7:29 PM

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