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Space Escape Pinball

Can you defeat the flying patrol pads to gain access to then complete your ESCAPE? Complete missions for extra points, combo targets for bonuses and other secrets to discover in the fun and outrageous take on Pinball LBP style. Hope you enjoy playing as much as I did creating. :)

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  • Foofles Foofles

    Space Escape Pinball is back and better than ever! Balls? Who needs balls! I've got bots of steel! Very creative concepts here help it stay unique amongst other pinball levels, and the pinball action is satisfying and responsive. Plenty of targets and the details are all great and compliment eachother well. The scrolling text is the most apparent and really adds a retro table touch to the mix.

    Good grief!

    4/4/11 11:32 PM

  • Morgana25 Morgana25

    Great visuals, excellent table feel and love the depth of gameplay. Missions are challenging and I can't get enough of those sackbot sound effects! Text scroller and all the hidden tech is outstanding! :D Brilliantly done!

    Good grief!

    4/4/11 3:19 AM

  • EvolvedPika EvolvedPika

    Congratulations! This level is: 1) the first LBP pinball level I've been hooked enough to replay, 2) the first LBP2 level that made me throw my controller, 3) the best feeling I've ever had after playing LBP pinball - or any pinball - in a long time. Wonderfully intricate and deep (when you see the center open up for the first time, it's incredible), as well as "feeling" like real pinball. Why in the world isn't this MM picked???

    Good grief!

    4/5/11 2:06 AM

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