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The lost Princess preview (voiced)

Just something i came up with, trying something different. Its abit sad so if u dont like sad things dont watch this. Inspired by Lady-Hakuu-, tell me what you think. :)

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  • Killer_Snowman_X Killer_Snowman_X

    Interesting... This is probably the saddest film I've seen so far on LBP... It's not easy to make something dark or sad here on LBP - a game that almost exudes positivity - and have it achieve its goal. You sir, have done just that. The only thing you could improve on here would be the grammar of the subtitles, but that's just me being picky. Good job!

    Good grief!

    8/3/11 4:06 AM


    I really don't hear many good voice work films on LBP2 'mostly due to shoddy quality' here however was pretty darn good, but more importantly the short movies message got across nicely. I believed the passion in your speech pattern, & dare I say it was moved deeply. We all have love and heartbreak in our lifes 'comes in many forms'. Great watch.

    Good grief!

    9/15/11 11:18 PM

  • Qrii_Nakari Qrii_Nakari

    Wow! I'm astounded by the voice-acting! Your deep range definitely fits the character, and the emotion poured into the acting was phenomenal! I can feel the sadness, and that's one of the marks of a good voice actor!

    Good grief!

    4/15/11 4:28 AM

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