Good grief!

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ALIENS STOLE OUR BISCUITS!! for the worst level contest

this is a level for the "worst level contest" on LBPC. The spelling and grammar mistakes are on purpose. Enjoy this stupid adventure and remember, it's supposed to be bad.

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  • Zippopot Zippopot

    Randomness FTW!!! and a yay for visable logic. You know what they say about weirdness, ... " it's the new black! " :)

    Good grief!

    1/24/12 1:55 PM


    LOL What a horrible level. =) He's going to win the contest =]

    Good grief!

    6/23/12 1:32 AM

  • nerzdadestroyer nerzdadestroyer

    that alien was my best friend ever since he started following me. we went on great adventures. we even glitched to the past so he could be there too. but, there was a hill with bombs rolling down and i shouted NAOWW! but it wuz too late. mr aliens head was blown clean off. so i put him in the sea and made the water go and we went to the exit. h was my bestest friend.. but now hes dead.(look at pictures)

    Good grief!

    11/8/11 12:33 PM

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